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My name is Joel and I am a young writer that enjoys creating short stories. Three projects I am currently writing are Revelation: The Coming Storm, The Shing Mountain, and Spacedog Skip. I started writing about 5 years ago beginning with Spacedog Skip. Spacedog Skip is the story about a German Shepherd called Skipper, that has the ability to control the dark. He and nine other dogs are in a war with an organization called the Catpire. Spacedog Skip is basically like Star Wars, but it doesn't follow the storyline or the characters of Star Wars. It just uses some elements that may make it seem like Star Wars. The Shining Mountain is a telling of my personal Pokémon adventure through the Unova region. The story isn't as developed as R:TCS or SS, but it will eventually. I hope to see R:TCS become well read by many people. Feel free to leave replies in the Blog section and register to receive updates on story updates or anything else I announce.

- Joel

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