Revelation: The Coming Storm

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Revelation Characters

Read about the characters that have been revealed and are up to date with information from the latest chapters. WARNING! Spoilers may exist for people that haven't read the series.

Stormsurge (Storm) Vairehéim

Stormsurge is the main protagonist in the series of Revelation: The Coming Storm. He is a gray mongoose with the power to control lightning or any form of electricity. His story is about trekking across the world of Verona in order to find the next generation of elementalists. 

Madeline Aquis

Madeline is a light gray she-cat and is one of Storm's closest friends since she grew up with him at the monastery in Oaktree. She has the power to control water and is helping Storm on his journey to find the elementalists. 

Serena Cyndre

Serena is a black wolf that lives in a town called Hollowridge. She met Storm and Madeline in chapter IV: The Lone Wolf, and then joined them on their journey in Chapter V. She has the ability to control fire, but keeps it a secret from the others because she doesn't really want to be able to.

Seamus Urthenmöor

Seamus was introduced in the fifth chapter of Revelation as a tiger who had been possessed by a Sil'lis and used for the last few years to terrorize Hollowridge. He is a close friend of Serena and is revealed that he cares a lot about her once the Sil'lis' hold is broken. His power allows him to control the earth around him and uses it often to create barriers or subdue enemies. He joined Storm and Co. in Revelation V as well.