Revelation: The Coming Storm

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Verona is the main setting of Revelation and where Storm & Co. are throughout the story. Below you can find out more about the planet, its history, and locations that will be featured in chapters.


Verona's origins are unknown to its inhabitants, but the planet is fully inhabitted with a race of humanoid animals known simply as Veronians. The planet's general population rely on a group of Veronians that are the masters of their elements. Those who have control over elemenets are called elementalists. The masters are the High Council. A long time ago the beings that brought the ability to control elements gave the same ability to a select few in order to battle the sil'lis. Sil'lis are shadow creatures that feed the lives of creatures in order to survive. They were created by one of the fallen beings that granted the powers to the Veronians. His name was Icirus Vendalus. The High Council members used their powers to defeat the sil'lis and imprison them in the shadow realm. Later on in time a young elementalist named Zetanus Boromer did research in a stronger power of elements. He disappeared with out a trace, but stories of sil'lis sighting began again. The High Council then agreed that Boromer must have broken the seal and sided with Icirus. The sil'lis began attacking with coordination instead of just searching for a host. Eventually Boromer revealed his presence as the ruler over the sil'lis. His appearance changed from his once mongoose-like body to one similar to a sil'lis'. The sil'lis war wiped out all of the elementalist population except a few people that went into hiding and the members of the High Council. The sil'lis threat was beaten back down beneath the surface and peace came again. Measures for safety were taken and inhabitants of towns created seals around the town borders to ward off sil'lis from attacking them. The lives of the Veronians returned to normal, but were never the same after the events of the sil'lis war. One city called Mariveil wasn't as effected as the other cities because it is concealed in the a mountain bowl so that only the town inhabitants know how to get out. Getting in and out is still difficult to attempt since Mariveil is basically a stronghold.

Towns of Verona


This is the first town introduced in Revelation: The Coming Storm and home to Madeline Aquis and as a surrogate home for Stormsurge. The town is most known for the monastery run by Father Hubert. It contains a small market place where the locals sell, buy and trade items. One of the shopkeepers that is a close friend to Storm is Saul. As soon as Storm began running errands for the monastery Saul was the first to help the young mongoose and Storm soon became one of Sauls regular in the morning. The town is also one of the hotspots for travelers.


Hollowridge is the second town that is introduced in Revelation. Serena is introduced in the forest outside of Hollowridge and then Seamus is introduced in Hollowridge. Diana and Marian are introduced, but they do not speak.